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About Ilene Meyer

Ilene Meyer was born in Seattle in 1939. After studying drawing techniques on her own, in the mid 1970's she made her debut into the science fiction illustration world. In the 1980's she switched to fine art in which she created a fantasy world based on her own imagination. 

Her works include a wide variety of subjects from real animals and plants, to imaginary living things. She depicts her subjects in rich and clear colors with precise touches inviting you into her imaginary world. All of her works carry messages which vary according to the imagination of the viewer. Her themes encompass a broad range of events on earth from the past and present to the future, all related to the natural environment and science.

Drawing bold concepts and eccentric ideas an employing unwavering and outstanding techniques, Ilene Meyer creates a new world of art which promises to completely overthrow conventional ideas.

Ilene passed away in her Gig Harbor home in 2009 surrounded by her friends.

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